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Canada Maltage (p. 1) Canada Malting

I "discovered" this imposing ruin on one of my first voyages of exploration along the Lachine Canal in the winter of 2005. Despite the graffiti, it maintains its dignity and its (tired but) functional industrial beauty.

So far my dream of exploring the interior has not been realised, but I did get a chance to wander around the property with my camera during the launching of an artistic "event", a light show starring the Canada Malting silos in May. Later in the month during an organised visit to appreciate said light show. I met a fellow fan, Pierre, an interesting character who has followed the evolution of the site since the time it was still in use by Canada Malting, then as a storage site for the Federated Coop. Pierre also used to work for the Lasalle Coke another company that is central to the history of the canal. The Lasalle Coke crane (see photos in the Lachine Canal section of this site) is the last of several similar cranes that once lined the canal - including one that unloaded ships for Canada Malting.

(N.B. - photos with a blue border can be enlarged by clicking on them.)


In happier days, with the crane still in place on the edge of the canal.


Lights mounted in the structures attop the silos for the event "Obsolescence" in May/June 2005.


The terra cotta silos looking north, the cement silos on the right.

A view looking east, the terra cotta silos and the structures that contained the machinery for transporting the malt.