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Ma collection de Pentax (p. 3) My Pentax Collection


I came accross another ME Super "for parts." With a case yet Unfortunately when it arrived I discovered that it worked fine! Has now been sold.

Found this working MF E with a SMC Pentax 35mm 1:3.5 lens... a good deal, the lens is worth more then I paid.Then got the AF lens that was designed for the ME F. Here they are reunited.

In an eBay lot I got a Pentax MG and 50mm lens and 2 Yashica Electro 35s and the telephoto and wideangle lenses
The K1000 that came with the AF lens was easily fixed and quickly sold, so I have been watching for good deals - got this nice KM Needs a bit of work.
For $5 I got these camera bags at garage sales. The smaller one was sold and the larger one, less the Canon label, is for whichever camera I decide to take out.
By now I was only missing an MV or MV 1 to complete my collection, got this one, and in black, with at Kalimar zoom lens. A bit of crazy glue on the top cover and it is fine.