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Pentax MG shutter fix (page 2)

6 If you haven't removed the bottom cover, do that now and unsolder the green wire from the winder contact block, this wire will come out with the mirror housing.

7 Now is the time to remove the self timer lever (left hand thread) with its plastic spacer and spring washer, then the leatherette on both sides of the front.

8 Remove the mirror housing, after unscrewing the 6 screws (4 on the front, 2 at the rear of the prism), it lifts out as a unit. Be careful, there are little copper coloured spacers at the mounting points that you don't want to lose. You can replace the bottom plate temporarily.

9 To remove exposure counter pull the circlip/spring holder out, underneath is a copper washer and then the dial itself.(When reassembling, lineup the red dot on the dial with the arrow indicator in the top of the picture and tension the spring with the half turn it takes to place the circlip at the front of the shaft. The grey coloured levers that engage the teeth under the dial have to pulled back to allow the dial to seat properly.)

10 The "winding seat assembly" comes off as a unit. This is just under the exposure counter. (When reassembling, the tab on the bottom of one of the grey coloured levers clips in to the back of the frame.)


11 Remove the "cocked indicator assembly." The little lever that indicates the shutter is cocked when the red side is up

12 The shutter block is held in place by 2 screws on the top and one located in the back at the bottom. Again there are the little copper coloured spacers behind the screws. You may want to loosen or remove the battery compartment, then the block comes out, by moving it to the left and up.