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Pentax MG - shutter disassembly (page 3)

The shutter disassembly is relatively easy, the rear plate, the rear shutter blades, a frame that separates the 2 shutters and the front shutter blades... plus 2 little spacers - more on those later.
The picture shows the rear shutter on the left and the front shutter on the right.
I only had to remove the rear shutter blades for my repair. I took the shutter all apart on the parts camera, which is shown in this picture.

1 Note the orientation of the 2 little rubber spacers at the bottom of the shutter box, they will fall out when the cover is removed. The rear cover comes off after removing the four screws. Note the placing of the shutter blades, take pictures if necessary.

2 Carefully remove the rear shutter blades and place them, in order, on your work surface. The first of the spacers mentioned above should be on the pin on the left hand top corner (if it hasn't fallen out). Note that this one is on the rear side of the frame. Remove the spacer and the frame, the second spacer will be on the left hand bottom pin.

3 Again note the placing of the shutter blades and take pictures. Now remove the front shutter blades.

4 Reassembly is as simple, although it can be a challenge to keep the blades from moving while you place the rear cover. DON'T FORGET THE SPACERS!

5 Once reassembled the shutter is cocked with the lever on the bottom, (shown at the end of the screwdriver in the picture on the left) and it can be released with the little tab that the screwdriver is indicating in the picture on the right. I did this when the shutter block was back in the camera.