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Some General Comments

Wherever possible I use the part names used in the various service manuals, sometimes in quotes if they are not obvious.
Have lots of little containers available to store the parts of the various assemblies. I found pill boxes to be great. I try to keep the screws with the pieces that they hold in place together, when this is not possible the screws should be labeled (during the reassembly process I found that it was not obvious where some of the screws came from - should have made more notes).
I use a large plastic tray, with a rubber mat installed as a work surface, work over this surface so when small parts fall they don't end up on the floor - I have lost some small to very small pieces by not doing this! Not to mention the pieces that I lost... then found again after having spent valuable time crawling around on the floor looking for them. While on the subject, my experience is that a screw will always bounce and roll further from then spot where it was dropped then you would think logically possible....

I can supply you with detailed pictures if you need them, my hotmail address is "grantharg"

I take no responsibility for what happens if you use these instructions.

Pentax MG shutter fix

SMC Pentax M 50mm lens fix