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Des ordis que j'ai connus (p.1) Computers that I have known


The first computer I worked on, an IBM 360/20 in 1967. It had 8k of core memory and used punched cards.

(I don't have this one in my collection)

The first computer that I owned, an IMSAI VDP080. 64K of memory and 2 fast 8 inch floppy drives. I no longer have it, but it should appear in a museum some day. This is the only picture that I have of it, the cat (non standard option) is occupying a disk drive bay in the addon cabinet.

One of the first IBM PCs, 16K of memory soldered on the mother board. Now up to 64K on the MB and 512K on 2 cards, expternal HD. More pictures on page 3..
The hot setup in 1990 - a Made in Toronto Best 286 with 1 gig and 20 meg hard drive
My Toshiba T5200 "luggable," there is no battery so it isn't a laptop, but it can be moved. A 386 processor 12med of RAM, 200meg HD and Windows 3.1. Yes that's the only screen colour available! But it is bright!
My IBM 701C and 701CS "butterflies" with their fold out keyboards. The 486 processors are somewhat archaic now, but they are still really neat machines!